Heavy Heavy Low Low - This Is Really Testing The Patience Ive Never Had tab

[Part I, 0:01]--|---------------------------------------------|--|---------------------------------------------| x2--|---------------------------------------------|--|-3333-66-55-2222-33-22-3333--66-55-22222222--|--|-3333-66-55-2222-33-22-3333--66-55-22222222--|--|-3333-66-55-2222-33-22-3333--66-55-22222222--|PM: --------
[Part II, 0:11]--|-------------------|--|-------------------| x4--|-------------------|--|-1---2---3---2-----|--|-1---2---3---2-0-0-|--|-1-0-2-0-3-0-2-0-0-|PM: - - - - -
[Part III - Guitar Freakout, 0:18] You'll have to work this out on your own.
[Part IV, 0:24)--|---------|--|---------| x4--|---------|--|---------|--|---------|--|----17\x-|PM: --
Easy song if you can figure out how to make Part III sound good.
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