Heavy Vegetable - Radio tab

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By Heavy Vegetable

Transcribed by jan

the verse:

Repeat that until it changes chorus:
The outro thingy at the end uses these chords (The voicings I use seem to fit, but they could be wrong)
D5 C A Amaj7 Bbmaj7 GE----X---|---X---|---X---|---X---|---X---|---X---|B----3---|---1---|---2---|---2---|---3---|---0---|G----2---|---0---|---2---|---1---|---2---|---0---|D----0---|---2---|---2---|---X---|---x---|---0---|A----0---|---3---|---0---|---0---|---1---|---2---|E----X---|---X---|---X---|---X---|---X---|---3---|
It goes like this: [D5] They don't play slint on the radio [C] they don't play sentridoh [A] they don't play [D5] Zappa (in between the A and D [A] they don't play [D5] Beefhart strum the open strings) [Amaj7] they don't play [Bbmaj7] Can [Amaj7] they don't play the [Bbmaj7] Residents [C] they don't even [G] play [C] the Velvet Under[G]ground [C] Ronaldo and the [G] loaf or [C] Bongos bass and [G] Bob The end part is just a palm muted Bb5 power chord.
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