Hed Pe - Feel Good tab

Feel Good
Hed Pe

I tabbed it in Nat. Tuning for those, like me, who don't have a 7 string or don't want 
tune their Guitar to B.
Synth Drum./bass Intro

Verse 1: Mute Strings with left hand and tab with right hand

T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T|-|---------------------------------------|-| -9-----------||0|11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-|0| ---11-9------||-|---------------------------------------|-|a lot of times -------------||0|---------------------------------------|0| -------------||-|---------------------------------------|-| -------------|
Bridge: (what is it Hard?....)
Verse 2
Clean gt2|-----------------------------||-----------------------------||-----------------------------||-11---11--10----11---11-10---||-12---12--11----12---12-11---||-----------------------------|
Gt1 plays verse 1 riff over verse 2 (the Tap riff)
Chorus:(the sky is falling I don't care....)|-------------------------|-------------------------------||-------------------------|-------------------------------||-4-4----10---10\9--9\10--|-4-4----10---10\9--9\10--7\10--||-4-4----10---10\9--9\10--|-4-4----10---10\9--9\10--7\10--||-2-2----8----8\\7--7\8---|-2-2----8----8\\7--7\8---5\8---||-------------------------|-------------------------------|
verse 2 gt2 riff Bridge play verse 2 (clean and tap riff) bridge Chorus Bridge piano outro (I don't Know) That`s all folks PLZ Rate This Tab
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