Hedley - Trip chords

Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: E

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
E -     022100
B/Eb -  x698xx
B -     x24442
C#m -   x46654
E/G# -  476xxx
A -     x02220
Am -    x02210


Delay Pedal: E--B/Eb--

With Drums: E--B/Eb--C#m--A(hold)

Verse 1:
E B/Eb Some say love is not for sinners
C#mI believe that isn't true
B/EbCause when I was finished sinning
ELove came down and showed me you
B/EbAnd you told me how to get there
C#mSo I tried to find a way
B/EbThen I ran into your garden
Refrain 1:
A BBut I tripped out the gate
C#m BI tripped out the gate
E BWhoa What are you doing to me?
C#mI'm so into you
And the hardest
Apart is knowing
B Ethat I'll never follow through
BYou're slowly killing me
C#m B/Eb EAnd I wish it wasn't true
A Cause I'm so into you
Post chorus:
E B/Eb C#m B/Eb Cause I'm so into you
Verse 2:
E B/Eb Like a ton of bricks it hit me
C#mAnd woke me from this dream
No matter how hard I
B/Ebtried to wash my hands
Refrain 2:
A BI could never get them clean
C#m BI could never get them clean
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
E/G# A E B/Eb Can you hear me?
E/G# A Cause I can't change
E B/Ebwhat I've al-ways be
Guitar Solo: E/G#-A-E-B-E/G#-A-C#m-B/Eb- (Repeat Chorus) Outro:
E B/Eb C#m A I'm so into you
B/Eb E B/Ebcoz I'm so into you
C#m B/Eb E A(hold) Am(hold)I'm so into you
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