Hedley - Beautiful tab version 2

Tabbed by : Kayla

Hedley came to town in march and played this song at there concert, and it is also on
there album "Go With The Show".

No Capo
Tuning I think is half a step down, but it sounds like it might be lower. so play around
with it if you're really that concerned. It sounds really good at this tuning though. I
just don't know how to tune lower.. Don't have an electric tuner and I don't trust my 
ears. I'm also not the greatest tab person so no, I'm not doing daves part :P way to hard

repeat 4 times, then do this.
play that part once, and right after "i watch the water" go to the intro again. then play this part again once, and start the intro again when he slows down in "someones.... daughter." so right at the end of when he says someones. if this is complicated, listen clostly to the song and you'll figure it out. Chorus
after he says "yeah" go back to the intro, play it twice, do the verce again, and the chorus again. THEENNN he starts strumming.
it does this chord witch i dont know what its called,e|-3--|B|-3--|G|-2--|D|-1--|D|----|E|----|
then after he sayd yeah again switch to a 4 fingerd G and strum that then eventually swich to Asus2 and swich back and forth through the chorus, then when he says "yeah" AGAIN, go to the intro, play it twice, and then after the end of the 2nd one strum a 4 fingerd G have fun!
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