Hedley – Bullet For Your Dreams chords

Chords used : E , Em , C , G intro;
E, Em , C (x2)
Eyou turned a cheek
Em they slapped the other one
CDon't try to step out of line they'll stomp on anyone
Eyou start to think what if everyone
Emwould stop being so weak , stand up for once
CI won't walk away
EI got a lot to say
Em I thought that I was free
Cthey took that all from me
EThey told me not to back down
Em COn the ground, not a sound
Gdirty little freak
EBut this is how I bleed
EmAnd we ain't gonna stop now
Cpenny for your thoughts now
GA bullet for your dreams
EA bullet for your dreams
EmWe've got the noise
CNo way to silence it
GDon't let em block out your voice we're sick and tired of it
EIt's not ok we've had enough of it
EmPlaying dead for so long
Cdon't make you innocent
GI won't walk away
EI've got a lot to say
EmDon't live your life cornered
CYou've got to fight for
GStand up and walk the way you talk
Elike you could die for it
EmThey feed us lies it's true
CGod knows I'm hungry too
GBut they can't stop what we were meant to do
Chorus (x2)
EI thought that I was free
Emthey took that all from me
CThey told me not to back down
GOn the ground
ENot a sound
EmDirty little freak
CBut this is how we bleed
GAnd we ain't gonna stop know
Ea penny for your thoughts now
EmA bullet for your dreams
CA bullet for your dreams (x4)
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