Helldorado - Dead River tab

I took the chords from Dag Vagle at some concert in Istanbul. He said that i could 
out the tabs by myself. So here are the chords from Dag and the tab from me. Enjoy!


standard tuning

Am All along the river of misery and woe Fm E Fm I`m ridin` through the darkness and I`m feelin` low Am All along the highway of trouble and strife Fm E Fm E The highway I have travelled most of my life G Where will it end ? Fm This journey of trials G Tell me my friend Fm Esus4 E Where will it end ? Am C D E Am B Way over yonder I'll lay me down Fm Esus4 E And sleep forever sleep (same chords here) Boots of coal black leather with silver spurs so bright I`m ridin` through the badlands in the dead of the night Ridin` through the desert, ridin` through the sand But will I ever reach the promised land ? Where do they end ? These days of depression Tell me my friend Where do they end ? Way over yonder I will lay me down And sleep forever sleep SOLO:
solo chords: Fm-E-Fm-Am-Bb-Am-Bb-Esus4-E One of these mornings dreary and cold I`m going to the mountain where I can rest my soul No longer will I suffer, no longer be a slave My soul belongs to Heaven, my body to my grave I`m going where there ain`t no depression And no more trials I`m going there Way over yonder I will lay me down And sleep forever sleep
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