Hello Demons Meet Skeletons – Hells Next Door tab

Hell's Next Door by Hello Demons.. Meet Skeletons. I learned this the best I could by 
This is my first tab so give me some feedback on what you liked and disliked about the 
I really like this song and you can put your own spin on the song if you like.

Capo 2nd fret

-------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------|----------0--------------0--------------0--------------0-----|-----0h2----2-2-----0h2----2-2-----0h2----2-2-----0h2----2-2-|-------------------------------------------------------------|-0-0------------0-0------------0-0------------0-0------------| Intro
-------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------|----------0--------------0--------------0--------------0-----|-----0h2----2-2-----0h2----2-2-----0h2----2-2-----0h2----2-2-|-------------------------------0-0------------0-0------------|-0-0------------0-0------------------------------------------| Verse
Em Am Em Am Em Am G D Chorus Em G D D Em G D D Em G D D Em G D D Bridge Song Structure: Intro Verse x2 Chorus x2 Intro Verse x2 Chorus x2 Bridge Chorus x4 Intro (Put your own spin on it) Lyrics: Intro A blind man sees way more then I see Verse The truth I seek it always escapes me A poor man gives way more then I give Verse A guilty man allowed to live Lord, keep me alive 'til Sunday Chorus Today I'm falling short I've got a cross in my hand Sing it twice But hell's next door Intro A step away from a downwards spiral Verse Next door to a friendly smile That invites me in to kill me But now, where do I go for Verse Helter Skelter I don't know but at least I'm still alive CHORUS sing twice like before I sat at the door last night Bridge I sang the song of tragedy I need your wings to keep me warm I need for you to come for me Chorus -sing it four times- Build up as you go END WITH INTRO http://www.hellodemonsmeetskeletons.com/
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