Hello Stranger - Devils Highway tab

Hallo, my name is Vladimir, Im from Serbia.
I liked this song when I heard it on "My Blueberry Nights" OST.
Its easy and sad song...
Im not sure about the lyrics cause Im not quite good in english,
and I couldnt find correct one on internet.

               Hello Stranger - Devil's Highway
            (album: My Blueberry Nights OST, 2007)


Am C Am C C Fe|--------------------------------------------------------------5---|B|--------1-----0---1-0----------1-0---0-1-3-3/5----5---5-6-7--6----|G|-------2-2---2-------2---0----2-2----2--------5--5----5------5----|D|------2-----2-----------2----2-------2---------5------5------7----|A|-----------0-----------3------------------------------------------|E|---0--------------------------------------------------------------|
Em Dm D Ame|---5--3--1--3--0-----0--1--3--1-------------2-----------0---|B|---6--5--1--0--0-----0--0--0--3-3-----------3----------1----|G|---5--5--2--0--------0--0--0--2--2-------0--2---------2-----|D|------------------------------0---------0---0--------2------|A|-------------------------------------2/3------------0-------|E|------------------------------------------------0-----------|
Am C I am a poor wayfaring stranger F F G I am your enemy for heart Am C I cut the line, I brave the danger G F I've come to see my savior G ??? she flies F Am C I close my eyes to see her face F Am D I lay down to die on my devil's highway Am C Then meet the sun there lies a story F F G There are ghosts who wait and hide Am C F There were others whose glory faded fast before me G ??? now she cries F Am C I close my eyes to see her face F Am D I lay down to die on my devil's highway Chords: Am, C, Am, C F, G, Dm, D Am C Devil's highway Am D Devil's highway Am C Devil's highway Am C F Am, C, F, G Devil's highway 3rd verse I close my eyes to see her face I lay down to die on my devil's highway Chords: Am, C, Am, C F, Em, Dm, D Used chords:
Please, if you know or can recognize correct lyrics in this song, post me at E-mail tordajav@yahoo.com cause I couldnt. I tried to find it on internet, but I couldnt find. This is the page of these lyrics: http://www.poplyrics.net/waiguo/soundtrack/myblueberrynights/005.htm Any comments post me at tordajav@yahoo.com http://www.hellostranger.tv/
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