Hellogoodbye - When We First Kissed chords

Artist: HelloGoodbye

Album:Would It Kill You

Standard Tuning!

I Already posted that Tab but without My Account!!!! Sorry!!!!


                                                  When We First Kissed

Intro: A   F#m  Bm  C#m/Bm  x4

Verse:    (you can play intro's chords too...but in that way sounds like the real Song)

A I wandered in
BmHearing your
BmYou sounded bored
A F#mBut what would say then
Bm EI shouldn't have came in
A F#mWords sat on the pavement
Bm EOh what are you waiting for?
Intro x2
AI ought to be
BmSo prepared
Abut it got to me
BmI was so scared
A F#mWhat was I thinking?
Bm EIt started to sink in
A F#mIt wasn't what we did
Bm E BmI started to see it more
D'Til I
Awalked you to your car
F#mthat night
Bm Edown the street of valentine
A F#mYour heart was right
Bm Ewe were cold and waiting in the
A F#mfront seat of your rav
Bm E I knew someday I'd have to ask if you would A F#m Bm C#m/Bm
AI never knew how
A To say how it went down (and who got left out)
ABut somehow it turned out (the way it is now)
C#m BmAnd you somehow knew it would
That Night..... The Same as Before =D That's My First TAB! Hope you'll enjoy IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOY VAN FROM ITALY!
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