Hellogoodbye – When We First Met chords ver. 4

Left handed
Standard Tuning - No Capo

Song is played with no capo and i found no tabs without a capo so i made one myself

I've seen live videos and seen them play live as well.  Forrest has a tendency to never 
use the low E string in his chords and then will use it.  basically, if u wanna use the 
low E that's fine, i'm gonna just basically use how he plays normally

CHORDS: B E F# C#me |--7--|--0--|--2--|--9--|B |--7--|--0--|--2--|--9--|G |--8--|--1--|--3--|--9--|D |--9--|--2--|--4--|--11-|A |--9--|--2--|--4--|--11-|E |-(7)-|--0--|-(2)-|-----|
*() = denotes optional note ~ = Let ring Listen closely to the rhytmn of the guitar strokes, you can vary it yourself to how you want it Verse 1:
B~When we first met
Your hair was long and brown
B~You hadn't yet cut it all off
E~And now it's long once again, oh
B~Oh, it's long once again
B~As I kept track of every haircut
B~that we ever had
E~I could, I could see how long it had been, oh
B~Oh, how long it had been
C#m C#m F# F#And this thought, made it clearer
C#m C#m F# F#I ought to be near her
B E F#All I see is where our days repeat
BAnd our love goes on
E F# B BAs our hair grows long
Verse 2: Same as first verse but second part of the verse has a different rythmn Oh, Chelsea Lynn I watched your hair grow from the root to tip I know, I know I have always known And I always will know Oh, oh That I could have a single direction until I am dead I'll go, I'll go as I always have gone, and And I always will go Oh, oh Pre Chorus Chrous Hope this helps everyone
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