Hellogoodbye - Not Ever Coming Home chords

A F#m A It was the shortest day of autumn
F#m A Until the moment that I caught on
F#m Bm That I might still be forgotten
A F#m A I was so scared to try to kiss you
F#m A Now we'd scarcely find an issue
F#m Bm But you're barely finding it used
C#m Oh, it's not fair
D C#m That your love should move so slow
D C#m Like the faintest starlights glow
D Bm Which moves swiftly, oh, I know
A It's just got, oh, so far to go
F#m A F#m
A F#m A So I sent some glances to her
F#m A But they missed or went right through her
F#m Bm Though I couldn't have aimed truer
C#m D C#m And it's not fair that your love should strike so weak
D C#m And our affections feel so meek
D Bm And our future seems so bleak
A And oh, we've got so far to go
F#m A We're not ever coming home
F#m A We're not ever coming home
(to the end) Finger picking for Verse 1.
A F#me|-------------------------|B|-------5------------2----|G|---6------------2--------|D|-7---7--------4---4------|A|-------------------------|E|-------------------------|
Bm (upstrum)e|-----7-------------------|B|-----7-------------------|G|-----7-------------------|D|-----9-------------------|A|-----9-------------------|E|-----7-------------------|
A F#me|----------------------------|B|-------5---------------2----|G|---6-----6---------2-------4|D|-7---7-----7-----4---4------|A|----------------------------|E|----------------------------|
Bm e|-----7-------------------|B|-----7-------------------|G|-----7-------------------|D|-----9-------------------|A|-----9-------------------|E|-----7-------------------|
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