Hellogoodbye - Dear Jamiesincerely Me tab


E|-------------------------------------|B|---8-10-8---8-10-8---8-10-8---8-10-8-|G|-------------------0-----------------| PlayD|-0-----------------------------------| twiceA|----------9-----------------0--------|E|-------------------------------------|
*NOTE: The intro, as well as the first two verses, sound better if you let each bass ring until the next bass note. Also, the A bass note shown here is actually an octave lower the one actually played in the song, but it's easier to play the lower octave. Verse 1- (Essentially the same thing as the intro)
E|-------------------------------------|B|---8-10-8---8-10-8---8-10-8---8-10-8-|G|-------------------0-----------------| Play 4D|-0-----------------------------------| timesA|----------9-----------------0--------|E|-------------------------------------|
Play that throughout these lyrics- Dear Jamie, I've got a letter I would like to send It's lacking strings of words with punctuation at the end
But should I trust this di - a - lect (Not sure if this part is 100% correct, but it sounds okay)
To convey the right ef - fect?
E|-------------------------------------|B|---8-10-8---8-10-8---8-10-8---8-10-8-|G|-------------------0-----------------| PlayD|-0-----------------------------------| twiceA|----------9-----------------0--------|E|-------------------------------------|
Verse 2- (EXACTLY the same thing as verse 1) Chorus D A Bm G Every page I try my best to think of something to contest; D A Bm G With inside jokes and other folks who've got much more to say Verse 3
E|-------------------------------------|B|---8-10-8---8-10-8---8-10-8---8-10-8-|G|-------------------0-----------------| PlayD|-0-----------------------------------| onceA|----------9-----------------0--------|E|-------------------------------------|
Play that through these lyrics- Dear Jamie, this envelope will *NOTE: If you really enjoy playing the lead part, you can actually continue playing it you did in verse 1 and 2. If not, the rest of verse 3 actually has a guitar part playing which goes like this-
D G A D G AE|----------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------|G|--7-7------------------------7-7--------------------------|D|--7-7----------5-5----7-7----7-7--------------5-5-----7-7-|A|--5-5----------5-5----7-7----5-5--------------5-5-----7-7-|E|---------------3-3----5-5---------------------3-3-----5-5-|
Represent my heart. I'll seal it, send it off
D G AE|----------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------|G|-------------7-7------------------------------|D|-------------7-7-------------------5-5----7-7-|A|-------------5-5-------------------5-5----7-7-|E|-----------------------------------3-3----5-5-|
and wish it luck with it's depart. (This part played best barred) D F#m G A D F#m G A And this stamp will be every action that carried my affection D F#m G A D F#m G A Across the air, and land, and sea.
Should I trust this post - age due
To deliver my heart to you? Chorus D A Bm G Every page I try my best to think of something to contest; D A Bm G With inside jokes and other folks who've got much more to say... D A Bm G Every page I try my best to fill with something to contest; D A Bm G With inside jokes and other folks who've got much more to say Note: When he repeats the chorus, it sounds a little different, mainly due to the pattern. The repeated chorus, I think, should have a strumming pattern of up, down, up, down. as long as you strum it differently the second time around, you should be fine. Bridge F#m Bm I'll give you all I can F#m A flower and a hand Bm I hope this helps you see G Signed, sincerely me *NOTE: Strum each bridge chord once and let it ring. Outro
Repeat outro as many times as needed, and end with this:
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