Helloween – In The Middle Of A Heartbeat Live tab


Transcribed by: Tom Grana

A great song this one, though it's very easy. It's the version from
High Live. (I know I should have tabbed the orginal version, but I 
haven't got the Master Of The Rings album.) The arrangement is very
simple, just one acoustic nylon guitar, which is played by Andi.
If you think I've made mistakes, don't hesitate to E-mail me at:

Played in 4/4

Tune down 1/2 step Bb CNote: All Bb & C chords are played like this Eb|---|---| Bb|-3-|-5-| Gb|-3-|-5-| Db|-3-|-5-| Ab|-1-|-3-| Eb|---|---|
Intro -----
Rhy. fig. 1Eb|----------------------------------|----------------------------------|Bb|-1h3-----3-------0h1-----1--------|-------1--------------------------|Gb|-----2-------2-------2-------2----|-0h2-----2-----------0-------0----|Db|-------0-------0-------0-------0--|-----0-------------2-------0------|Ab|----------------------------------|-------------0-2-3-------2--------|Eb|----------------------------------|----------------------------------|
End rhy. fig. 1Eb|-1p0-------------1p0--------------|Bb|-----3---3-----------3---3--------|Gb|-------2-----2---------2-----2----|Db|-0-------------0---------------0--|Ab|----------------------------------|Eb|----------------------------------|
1st verse --------- Play rhy. fig. 1 twise while singing: Tell me pretty girl do you know who I am? Have you ever seen me as a friend? Everything we have is those hungry nights But there so much left unsatisfied Bridge ------ Only the chords yet. I'll be back with the fingering later
F AmEb|----------------------------------|----------------------------------|Bb|----------------------------------|----------------------------------|Gb|----------------------------------|----------------------------------|Db|----------------------------------|----------------------------------|Ab|----------------------------------|----------------------------------|Eb|----------------------------------|----------------------------------| All those little things you told me Ain't good enough to show me
F EmEb|----------------------------------|----------------------------------|Bb|----------------------------------|----------------------------------|Gb|----------------------------------|----------------------------------|Db|----------------------------------|----------------------------------|Ab|----------------------------------|----------------------------------|Eb|----------------------------------|----------------------------------| That we're gonna make it through the night I found
Chorus ------ During the choruses Andi just plays chords like this (Listen to the CD for timing) Dm Am Bb (I found) out in a middle of a heart beat (Bb) Dm Bb And the more I try to do it right (Bb) C Dm Am I can't get any closer to your heart (repeat) Then play rhy. fig. 1 once Verse 2 ------- Play rhy. fig. 1 twise while singing: Now that I'm afraid just to ask for more I'm still waiting as I did before If you won't be sad, then it's not to late We could rely upon a fate Bridge ------ Same as previous bridge Chorus ------ Dm Am Bb (I found) Out in a middle of a heart beat (Bb) Dm Bb And the more I try to do it right (Bb) C Dm Am I can't get any closer to your heart (Am) Dm Am Bb I found out in a middle of a heart beat (Bb) Dm Bb And the more I try to do it right (Bb) C Dm Am I can't get any closer to your heart
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