Hem – Night Like A River tab

It really bothers me that there aren't many tabs on here for Hem, so I will add a few I 
able to figure out or find online...

Night Like a River (Curtis)

(Capo 2)

(Cadd9 = x32033)
(Dsus2 = xx0230)
(C/G   = 332010)

A	     Dsus2  A	      Dsus2
night like a river, banks are steep
Cadd9	 G	 Cadd9   G  F  A
carry my burden, bury my worry deep
it's like she told me some time ago
there's plenty for harvest, then the cold winds blow

D	A      E	  A	       D         A	E
i could live a long, long while on the sweetness of her breath
    Cadd9   G	 F      C/G	      G		         
and i could die for walking miles, and still not find my rest

bound and delivered, i returned
tried to forgive her for all the ground we burned
maybe tomorrow waters will clear
i'll shake this sorrow and leave my worry here

Rabbit Chords - http://framesaver.tripod.com/rabbitchords
Transcribed by Geoff Hamilton - framesaver@eircom.net
Corrections welcome!
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