Hem - When I Was Drinking tab

When I was Drinking (Messť)

when i was drinking
when i was with you
E			A
living it up when the rent was due
C#m		 B7	   A
with nothing and no one to live up to 
Eb7		G#m
you and me dying on the vine
Eb7		G#m
holding hands and drinking wine
A			    E	      A	 E	
now i'm not the same girl i left behind with you 

twelve bars behind us
and twelve bars to go
bottles of beer lined up in a row
one for each hour you didn't show 
you and me dying everyday
getting high just to pass away
but that's not the reason i couldn't stay with you 

now i am sober
now i'm alone
three years have gone by since you have gone
letting you go, letting me go on 
but i'll raise a glass now to you and me
to to lift me higher so i can see
which of these blessings are killing me

Rabbit Chords - http://framesaver.tripod.com/rabbitchords
Transcribed by Geoff Hamilton - framesaver@eircom.net
Corrections welcome!
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