Henrik Freischlader Band – Wont You Help Me chords

Left handed
#Hi there. I heard this song from Henrik Freischlader 
and had to learn it, but I couldn't find it anywhere 
on the internet, so I did the right thing and learned 
it myself. I am posting it here for all to enjoy, 
along with lyrics. The lyrics are also not on the 
internet so I had to learn them too, they all seem 
correct but only a few words were guess work but they 
work fine. I have also added the lead break in the 2nd 
chorus/middle 8, but the main solo is not included. 
Enjoy - Joe Houghton. 

Lead break key: Hb - Half bend

CmDoubts getting stronger
BbAnd Im feeling low
CmLike a flower thats frozen
BbBy its wings to grow
CmAll of this rain
BbNever saves a tear
CmWhen it used to benefit our faith
BbNow It seems to increase our fear
CmSo wont you help me
A#sus2Get back to you
CmAnd will you let me
Cm CLove you too
FCause I really do
CmIts been a long time
BbFrom when I first met you
CmAnd I remember days instead of years
BbNow it somehow makes me fear
CmDo you really know?
BbWhat you mean to me
CmWhen Im using my illustrated heart to show you
BbOnly you could see
CmSo please baby help me
A#sus2Get back to you
CmAnd will you let me
Cm D#9 D#9 E9 Love you too
F9See Im a man and Im working hard
e ---6-6----------------6 Note: The '--5Hb---' part of the lead break goes b --------9-6-----------5 straight into the D#9 so you have to be quiteg -------------8--5Hb---6 quick at getting into that chord. D ----------------------6A ----------------------6E ----------------------X
D#9I strike all the gold right before the start
Bb F9 BbI said do you know, do you know the one you fell in love with
D#9And I wont change
Em9 If you dont want me to change
Cm Dm E7 F7 F#7Well is there really nothing, nothing, nothing for you to love.
-Lead Break- Chords played over lead break: Cm | Bb | Cm | Bb | Cm | Bb | Cm | Bb | Cm | Bb | Cm | C | F |
CmThis might be over
BbMaybe we should go
CmBut I can feel your love is strong
BbCause I can feel you
CmIf you wanna go
BbI wont be holding on
CmBut I hope that I will know
BbThe reason for why youve been gone
CmIf this will help me
A#sus2Get back to you
CmIt will let me
A#sus2Love you too
CmAfter the rain has fallen
A#sus2I will grow strong
CmAnd maybe it will even show me
Cm C F Where I went wrong
Outro: Cm | Bb | Cm | Bb
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