Henry Priestman – Dont You Love Me No More tab

Left handed
Henry Priestman - Dont You Love Me No More, I worked this from Henry Priestman's 
album - The Chronicles of Modern Life.

Standard Tuning

Best to listen to the track and play along to get timing. 



Intro - G (Hammer type action on the Low E 3rd fret)

Verse 1. 

 D                                 G            
There I was you know my naivety, thinking you cared I really believed in me, 
C                                               D
but all I got was a thing called redundancy you gave me a clock (Pause) now 

it's stopped. 

Verse 2. 
 D                                     G
To many chiefs and not enough indians I was only ever one of the mini--ons, 
 C                                             D
I sat and I listened to all of your opinions, I gave all I got 'till I 


Chorus - 

  G                                  D                
Don't you love me no more, Don't you want me no more.
 Em                       C                           G                D
One little word and the line's getting blurred, what's wrong and what's right
  G                                 D 
Don't you need me no more, Won't you be me no more
 Em                             C                       G        D     G
Tell me why'd you suggest that I do with the rest of my life (Hey eh Hey) x2

Verse 3.

All I was, was only an operative, a cog in a wheel, someone's perogative 

But now I've time to think about positive, if thats what I got, thanks a lot.

Chorus - Same as chorus above.

Middle Bit (Same chords as chorus)
R-E-D-U-N-T-A-N-T (X7)  R-E-D-U-N-T-A-N-T spells misery

Chorus - As Above. 

Outro - Repeat Verse 1.


In the words of Porky Pig " That's all folks " 

More tabs to come. 

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