Hepburn - Waiting For God tab

Waiting For God
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: G then F

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
G -  3x003x
G2 - 3x004x
G3 - 3x005x
G7 - 3x0001
F -  133211
Eb - x68886
Cm - x35543
Bb - x13331

Intro: G-G2-G3-G7-Eb-Cm

Guitar 2:e|--------------------------------------|B|-0-1-3-0--0-1-3-0----3----------1-3-3-|G|------------------------3--0--3-------|D|-------------------1------------------|A|--------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------|
Verse 1: G G2 Waiting For God G3 G7 That's What She Said Eb Can't Stay Long Cm There's A Gun To My Head G G2 I'm Waiting For News G3 G7 Of A Long Lost Friend Eb Been Through The Wars Cm Now I'm Back Again
Guitar 2: before choruse|---------------0-1-|B|-------------3-----|G|---0---2---3-------|D|-------------------|A|-3---3---3---------|E|-------------------|
Chorus: F Eb Now It Seems To Me F Eb That There's Nothing I Can Do F Eb Nothing I Can Do F Eb Nothing I Can Do F Eb And It Seems To Me F Eb There Is Nothing I Can Do F Eb F Nothing I Can Do Eb Bb F Except To Say I Love You Interlude: G-G2-G3-G7-Eb-Cm Verse 2: G G2 I'm Waiting For God G3 G7 That's What She Wrote Eb So Impatient Cm She Left A Note G G2 I'm Hanging Around G3 G7 For A Change To Come Eb I'm Making The Most Eb Of A Bad Run (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: G G2 Oh Yeah G3 G7 Oh Yeah Eb Cm Oh Yeah (Repeat twice) (Repeat Chorus)
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