Herman Dune - You Stepped On Sticky Fingers chords

G  C
G  C

G CI came to pick you up driving
G CI tried to phone you to come down but you were online
G CAnd so I had to park by your house
G CIf there's time for a smoke then I should buy some fags
G CAnd a ticket on the window when I come back
G AmI should have written the code to your door
C GI should have had it as a tattoo on my hand
G AmI should have learnt the numbers by heart
C GAnd you would have let me in again
G CYou got into my little blue japanese car
G CYour hair smelling good from the shower
G CLooked at all the tapes around and on the floor
G CYou even stepped on sticky fingers
G CYou took the white box of a Daniel Johnston tape
G CGenuine from Austin, Texas in your hands and said:
G C"What's that? Well it looks pretty cool..."
G AmAnd I knew that even if for some reason
C GYou did not know
G AmSome of the most beautiful things in the world
C GYou were one of them too
G DAnd there could be a lot of songs
C GThere could be a lot of songs
G DThere could be a lot of songs
C GThere could be a lot of songs
G C G C G <-- end on G Notes: I've tried my best to line up the chord changes with the lyrics, it might not be too easy to follow given how much David can fit into a line, but just listen to the song and it should make sense. When strumming, alternate between bass and treble strings, really putting some welly into the upstrokes, getting the high notes to ring out, or finger pick. Some of the C chords are hammered on.
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