Hermano - 5 To 5 tab


Band: Hermano
Song: 5 to 5
Tabber: DriveToNowhere
Email: adrenalinerush_alpha@att.net
Tuning: Drop-D(D-A-D-G-B-E)

This is a pretty easy song. If you play along with it you will hear everything I tabbed. 
some reason UG automatically took out all the backslashes, so a slide down is signified 
I believe this tab is about 99% accurate, not including the mini-solo I left out. Enjoy.

Intro/verse (0:00 – 0:40)E|-----------------------------|B|-----------------------------|G|-----------------------------|D|-31-----0101-----------------| X8A|---313~-----3~-131-----------|D|------------------31~-13131~-|
Keep picking the above^ note on the eighth time through. After the chorus you start on the fifth note A|-3-| ___________________________________________Chorus (0:41 – 1:00) | Ending 1| Ending 2|e|--------------------|--|------------------|-------------------------|B|--------------------|--|------------------|-------------------------|G|-3/55555555555------|--|-3333333----------|-3-3/5s3-----------------|D|-x-xxxxxxxxxxx-131~-|X3|-xxxxxxx-1/33-1/33|-x-x-x-x--333131---------|A|-1/33333333333-131~-|--|-1111111-1/33-1/33|-1-1/3s1--------31-(3)---|D|---------------131~-|--|---------1/33-1/33|-------------------------| The note in () is the start of the verse^
Intro/Verse (1:01 – 1:31) X6
Chorus (1:31 – 1:52)Same as first chorus except for second ending Ending 2e|---|B|---| Just strum that until the bridgeG|-3-|D|-x-| (I think there's something I’m missing there but I can't tellA|-1-| what. I'm sure it's just one of the 4 chords in the chorus. ID|---| just make it up as I go.)
Bridge (1:52 – 2:12)e|----------------------|--|--------------------------------------------|B|----------------------|--|--------------------------------------------|G|-5~-3~----------------|--|-5s3-33-5s3-33-345--------------------------|D|-x--x--(3)1~--1-3-1-33|X3|-x-x-xx-x-x-xx-xxx--------------------------|A|-3~-1~-(3)1~--1-3-1-33|--|-3s1-11-3s1-11-123--------------------------|D|-------(3)1~--1-3-1-33|--|--------------------------------------------| I don’t know if the chord in the () is really in there, but I like the way it sounds. Just hit it real fast in between the A# and D#
Verse (2:12 – 2:32) X4 There is a little solo under the last 2X through the verse. It’s difficult to hear, but it is short and probably just a pentatonic scale, so just improvise. Chorus (2:33 – end) hold the last A|-(3)-| ____________________ |Key_________________| | / slide up | | s slide down | | ~ hold note/chord | | x mute string | |____________________|
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