Hermans Hermits – My Sentimental Friend chords


C - Cmaj7 - C7 - Cmaj7 - F - G

***VERSE 1***

C G Bb FOn the floor the people dance around
C Am BbMoving close together
F CBut there all alone in the corner
F GThere's the girl I once knew who broke me in two
C Cmaj7 C7 Cmaj7So won't you please play a song a sentimental song
Dm F GFor my sentimental friend over there
Bb Gm Bb GmWe've been so long apart make it go right to the heart
Dm G COf my sentimental friend over there.
C Cmaj7 C7 Cmaj7Bring the tears to her eyes help to make her realize
F AbThe love we had was just beyond compare
C GAnd if the time is right maybe I'll hold her tight
F C GMy sentimental friend over there
***VERSE 2***
C G Bb FI recall the way she used to feel
C Am BbWhen we heard a sad song
F CThe teardrops would fall and she'd hold me
F GAnd tell me she'd be for ever with me.
***CHORUS*** ***CHORUS*** ***CHORUS (fade)***
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