Hermans Hermits - You Wont Be Leaving tab

Intro:E---------------|B---------------|G---------------|D-----1-0-------|play twiceA-1-1----3-0----|E------------0--|
Verse: Bb F7 The hour is very late Bb Eb F7 And I can see you're getting worried Bb F7 Bb Eb Coffee's finished, candle's low Eb F7 And soon you'll be asleep Bb F7 Bb Eb Long walk home the night is chilly F7 Gm And my room is cozy Eb Bb Eb F7 Bb I've got a feeling you won't be leaving tonight Bridge: Eb F7 Bb I don't try to fight it baby F7 Bb I see the love light in your eyes Bb Just hold me tight then baby Bb You'll see that I'm not telling lies
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