Hermes E Renato – Pira Pira Pira tab

Group = Hermes e Renato
Music = Pira Pirá Pirô
Tabbed by = And_squall

This song is fucking hell funny...this is for all the brazilians that visit the page

|----7----------9-----------7-------------5---------------||----7(3x)------9(2x)-------7(3x)---------5(2x)-----------||----7----------9-----------7-------------5---------------||---------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------|"Tava tomando sol...em salvador...chegou um loirao...e me disse que pirou...."
This is the intro and all the following part is like's funny to play There might be a little change where he plays something else...but it should sound fine... If you know that part...send me an e-mail
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