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Herzog – Slowest Romance chords

********Tabbed by syphaxe********

Dreamy, mellaxing, mumble cut...

The Em can easily be a Bm or some variation

C GSlowest romance in rock 'n roll
C GThe sound of hipsters growin' old
D CWe cuddle before we fuck
D C Em AmDiscouraged but we're not givin' up
C GI take a look at what might be
C GA million girls lookin' at me
D CThey want the doctor but can't be the nurse
D C Em AmLeavin' like a kissing booth in reverse
C GI'm boring and you're puttin' on weight
C GWe'll peak when we are 28
D CA year for me and five in your past
D C Em AmBut I feel it comin' on fast
C GI'm glad we made it out alive
C GOhhhhhhh Ooooohhhh
C GOhhhhhhh Ooooohhhh
D COhhhhhhh Ooooohhhh
D C Em AmOhhhhhhh Ooooohhhh
C GI've an ex that's for sure
C GI gave my youth to her
D CI started late but so whut!
D C Em AmNumber of lovers is not how I judge
C GPromise not to talk to much
C GYou made me promise we'll keep goin' dutch
D CI only see you once a week
D C Em AmBut it's better than now or a kiss on the cheek
C GSo take me as I am
C GI'm too tired to pretend
D CAnd I'll take you as you are
D C Em Am'cause I'm dyin' to know just how far......
zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzz-snort-zzzzzzzzzzzz -------penny farthing-------
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