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Date: 9 Feb 1996 13:53:12 +0000
From: "Boulton, Nic" 
Subject: /h/Boo Hewerdine/Greedy.tab

Greedy (Boo Hewerdine)

This is on Boo Hewerdine's third album, Baptist Hospital. It's played in A
(capo at 2nd fret). All the below is written as though played in G (at the
nut), so if you're playing with a capo at the 2nd fret, remember to play the
TAB sections two frets higher than written here.

[Intro] :

G -------------------------0------------------------------------- ||D -----4-p-2--4----2-h-4------4--2-p-0---------------------------.||A ----------------------------------------3-----2--0-------------.||E -0--------------------------------------------------3----0----- || x 2
Em C You can call me greedy coz I keep a piece of me Em C You can call me greedy there's a place you'll never see Am G + where the lights are all out and the door stays slammed Am G+6 B if that's being greedy, that's what I am [repeat the intro] Em C You hate me changing it's the change you can't control Em C You hate me changing and the wandering of my soul Am G + searching the storm for some frozen calm* Am G+6 B if that's being greedy that's what I am [instr.] : repeat intro, then :
e --------------------------------------------------------------|B --------------------------------------------------------------|G --------------------------------------------------------------|D ------------------------------------------7------9------------|A -------5--7--7-----5---(5/)7------9--10-----------------------|E ----7--------.--------7---------------------------------------|
(Em) (D) (Bm)e ---------------------------------------------------------------------|B ----------------------------------------0----------------------------|G -------------------------------0------2---0--------------------------|D ----/14---/12---/9---7---5---4-----2--------------0--2--------2--4---|A ---------------------------------------------------------------------|E ---------------------------------------------0------------0----------|
(Remember this is written in G, so move it up 2 frets if you're playing in A) [repeat first verse] [repeat intro and ad lib guitar to fade] EADGBe 022000 - Em X32010 - C X02210 - Am 320003 - G X20003 - G/B XX0000 - G+6 X24442 - B / is a slide up h is a hammer on p is a pull off Strumming early on in the verse is the bass strings only, heavily damped by your right hand resting on the bridge (almost so it sounds like a bass drum). As the verse goes on bring in progressively more and more of the higher strings. + This G could be G/B?or even another chord with B in the bass, although B major, minor and their 7ths don't seem to fit. * This could possibly be 'frozen qualm' (had it come from kd's clouds??), but I also heard someone singing 'searching the storm for some frozen corn', which has got to deserve a place in rock's list of classic misheard lyrics alongside Elvis Costello's 'she is washing up the dishes, oh-oh don't get cute' and Jimi Hendrix's "s'cuse me while I kiss this guy" ! Here's the instrumental section in A (i.e. exactly what you play if you're using a capo at the 2nd fret) :
e --------------------------------------------------------------|B --------------------------------------------------------------|G --------------------------------------------------------------|D ------------------------------------------9------11-----------|A -------7--9--9-----7---(7/)9------11--12----------------------|E ----9--------.--------9---------------------------------------|
(F#m) (E) (C#m) <-actual chords played, you could use... ...(Em) (D) (Bm) SHAPES, with capo@2e ---------------------------------------------------------------------|B ----------------------------------------2----------------------------|G -------------------------------2------4---2--------------------------|D ----/16---/14---/11---9---7---6-----4--------------2--4--------4--6--|A ---------------------------------------------------------------------|E ---------------------------------------------2------------2----------|
Any comments, corrections, improvements etc. welcome. Nic Nic.Boulton@mercury.co.uk
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