Hey Monday - Obvious chords version 1

ill be honest....i just took the chords that were posted and transposed it into a way
simple way without all barre chords and weird stuff. so here you go :) i didn tinclude the
outro and bridge because when i transposed it it was weird...sorry if i figure something 
ill let you know ;)

Verse 1:
DLetís make a mess
Steal a kiss in the moment
AYou and me everything
that could be
BmTouch, donít go
GStay as long as you like
DLetís get reckless
Dance with our hands
Ato the beat
Donít let this slip throw our fingers
BmIt feels insane don't
Gyou put up a fight
Refrain 1:
BmLetís rough it up till
Athey shut it down
D AItís o-o-o-obvious
BmRight here is where
Gthe party starts
Dwith you and me
A BmAll alone no
Gone has to know
D AItís o-o-o-obvious to
Bm Gme How its gonna be
D AO-o-o-obvious when
Bm Gyou come close to me
Verse 2:
DLetís make a scene
like movies in our
Adreams Make me scream
Take me down no oneís watching
BmClose your eyes
GPlay it back in rewind
DSo surreal as the story
Aunfolds on the screen
Stop stalling the credits are rolling
BmHold me now before
Gwe run out of time
Refrain 1:
BmLetís rough it up till
Athe end of the night
(Repeat Chorus)
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