Hey Monday - I Dont Wanna Dance chords version 1

Hey Monday - I Don't Wanna Dance Chords


G-Bm-em-CTake me home
Em D AYou, you hit with me a break
Em D And now you're back for more
AYour song's the same
Em D ALeave me with all the blame
Em D AI don't have time for another game
GI don't wanna dance
Bm Em CSo don't you ask me, babe
GI don't wanna dance
BmYou blew your chance
Em CTo rock my night away
Em CI want some fun
G DBut you're so not the one
GI don't wanna dance
BmSo let it go
Em CYou'll never take me home
G-Bm-em-CTake me home
G-Bm-em-CTake me home
Pre Verse: Em-A Verse 2:
Em D A Talk to me without a sound
Em D 'Cause you were such a tool
AWho's sorry now?
Em D AYou, you're shaking on the floor
Em D A Watch me walking out the door
(Chorus) Bridge:
A C G F# Don't tell the DJ to hit rewind
A CTonight, there's no you and me
G EmDon't play that record
G F#Don't waste your time
Em D AYou, you threw it all away
G-Bm-em-CTake me home
G-Bm-em-CTake me home
End With G That's it folks! \m/
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