Hey Monday – The One That Got Away chords

Hey guys! So this song just came out on the newest EP on February 8th (though I 
didn't hear about it till yesterday)and I. am. in. love. This is super easy and 
fun to play! Here are the chords!

standard tuning, no capo

"The One That Got Away"

G DYou called me up
Em BmYou called me up too late
G D Em BmCall me the one that got away
G DYou locked me down
Em BmYour locks were made to break
G D C DI'd rather die a thousand deaths anyway
G DI can run, I can fly
C DYou can kiss this thing goodbye
Em C G DCall me out and cry about the one that got away
G DI can stand, I can fight
C DYeah I'm breaking us tonight
Em C G CCall me out and cry about the one that got away
G DThe bed you made
Em BmWas never meant for me
G D C G You never tried to take my breath away
C DYou lost anyway
G D CI was at my best, believed in you
DThat was my worst mistake
G D So obsessive, too possessive
C DYou'll never change
Chorus repeated
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