Hey Rosetta - Bandages chords version 2

Tabbed by PAB

G DIt will come around
C Gbut everything is now
C G D GI know everything is right now
DThe loneliness is a lot
C GBut the nothing weighs a ton
C G D C I mean the nothing weighs a fucking ton
4 bar interlude (strum C)
G DThat half of the bed
C GEmpty like a page
C G D GOf the curses claims you've yet to make
DOh, the promising light
C GBending like a spine
C G D C Or the whiteness that your pen could write
4 bar interlude
Em Bm Get these bandages off
Dm AmYou cant stand, you can walk
Em BmLeave these towels apart
Dm AmYou get up, you get out
CmInto the sun
G DThats where we belong
C GBeen a bit too long
C G D GAll our weaknesses are growing strong
DAnd winter always ends
C G C G D C/G With water on your limbs, the April rain comes swinging in
4 bar interlude (strum C/G)
Em Bm Take these bandages off
Dm AmLet me stand, let me walk
Em BmLeave these towels apart
Dm AmLet me up, let me out,
CmInto the sun
4 bar interlude
G D E4 D C/GOh, come she will
G D E4 D C/G Come she will
G D E4 D C/G Come, she will
G D E4 D C/G Come she will
G She will
C/GShe comes, oh,
(C/G)She comes, son,
E4 D C/GShe cooooomes
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