Hey Rosetta - New Sum Nous Sommes chords

C Em G

C Em G COh see the great citizens*
Em G C With all their white sticks tapping brick
Em G CThey can't see the wire strung in between them
Em GAnd all that young scum reeling
But oh you do your blinded best With all these arrows through your chest Feel em forcing through and they're forcing you To follow through to where they want you
Am G C Am G CWas it a trick of light? shook my head from side to side,
Am G C Am G CI seen a million lines, the finest thread strung spine to spine
( rest of the song the Same chords Animals run on the sidewalks Animals run in the national parks And all the bankers and all the beggars and all the bears are brothers. Is it a trick of light? i shake my head from side to side We rub our eyes and shake our fists at the passersby We scare the kids but mama it's all for the best What is the new sum, us tied up? with no thumbs? Is it a noose hung? and us tied up? with no thumbs? Yeah but in the new sum you gotta count us, we see the lines run We see the lines run, can you see them? can you see them? Can you see them?
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