Hey Rosetta - Becky I Keep Singing This Song tab

              Becky, I Keep Singing this Song - Hey Rosetta!
Tabbed by: Andrew Maynard
Email: admaynar@ucalgary.ca

Tuning: Standard

This song is played primarily on piano, but seeing as I don't know how to
do a piano tab I'll just transcribe it to guitar. Any real musician should 
be able to go back and forth between the instruments anyways so it's not 
really that big of a deal! The lines of tab marked "LH" are for the left 
hand and "RH" for right hand. Also, the RH should be played 8va (an octave 
higher) than what's written on the tab.


RH e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--1-------1-0-----------------1---0-------0----------------------------| G|--------------2-----------------------------2-0------------------------| D|----------------3-------------------------------2----------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
LH e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------5---------------6-------------------------------5-------5------| G|------5-------5-------7-------7---------4-------------5-------4--------| D|----5-------5-------7-------7---------5-------5-----5-------5----------| A|--3-------3-------5-------5---------5-------5-----3-------2------------| E|----------------------------------3-------3----------------------------| C dm G C
RH e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--1-------1-3-5---------------1---0-------0----------------------------| G|--------2-------2---------------------------2-0------------------------| D|------------------------------------------------2----------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
LH e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------1---------------6-------------------------------5--------------| G|------2-------2-------7-------7---------4-------------5-------4-------o| D|----2-------2-------7-------7---------5-------5-----5-------5---------o| A|--0-------0-------5-------5---------5-------5-----3-------2------------| E|----------------------------------3-------3----------------------------| am dm G C
e|------------------1---| B|--------1---------1---| G|------2---------4-2---|(only play on the last time, D|----2---------5---3---| going into the chorus) A|--0---------5-----3---| E|----------3-------1---| am G F
Chorus C em F Pull me out of my, pull me out of my body, C G F And into the black C em F The one feeling you wanted, you want it, C G F Is the one thing you're holding back Interlude em F becky, i keep having this dream dm G in the night where it seems i can fly em F but only when no one's around dm G (etc...) when the people appear i come plummeting down... And that's pretty much it! The chorus comes again after the so-called "interlude" is over and then the ending is pretty much just the verse thing once through. This could be my favourite hey rosetta! song, so if you're going to play it, please don't butcher it. And of course, you can find all the lyrics and more at www.heyrosetta.com! ============================================================================
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