Hi-5 – Charlis Abc chords

Charli’s ABC
E F# G A A# B B C# D#E|-----------------------------|B|-----------------------------|G|--9-----------------4--6--8--|D|--9--4--6--7--8--9--4--6--8--|A|--7--4--6--7--8--9--2--4--6--|E|-----2--4--5--6--7-----------|
E B E B E B E BA b c everybody jump with me
E B E B C#D e f swing to the right, swing to the left
E B E B E B E BG h i stretch right up to the sky
E B E B C#J k l touch your toes, you’re doing well
A EM n o breathe in lots and blow, blow, blow
A EP q r jump and stretch out like a star
A E A E A E A E A E Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump!
ES t u relax for the count of two
C# C# G# C# C# BV w x stretch and flex, stretch and flex
A B C# BY and z relax and shake your arms and legs
A F# B D# EThat was Charli’s exercises a to z
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