Hiatt John – Straight Outta Time tab ver. 2

From: riordan@moose.uvm.edu (Gerard Riordan)
Subject: REQ: Stright out of Time - J. Hiatt (lyrics provided)

Anyone got the chords to this tune ?

Straight Outta Time (John Hiatt)

Hot summer night

I was counting all the starlight on your skin


As I watched you breathin out, I'm breathin


By the lake

So humid that the moon was gettn wet

For our sake

The crickets started playn' their castanets

Like a gypsy

You stole me from a child into a man

It never hit me

I've been runnin' ever since I took a stand

And this love

Like a Spanish moss a hangn' from the trees

Just swayn' in the breeze

Like a sweet memory

Running straight outta time

Straight outta time

Running straight outta time

Straight outta time

Since you were mine


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