Hidden In Plain View – Garden Statement tab

Hidden in Plain View
Garden Statement
Life In Dreaming
submitted by paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Tuning: Drop D

Chords used in Drop D:
E5 -  222xxx
G5 -  555xxx
D5 -  000xxx
B9 -  x24422 or 9-9-11-x-x-x
B5 -  x244xx or 999xx
A5 -  777xxx
D5p - 0577xx

If you don't want to use Drop D, you can remain your guitar in standard EADGBe tuning by
using these chords instead of Drop D chords above. There's no difference in sound except
the low D.

Em - 022000
G  - 320033
D  - xx0232
B9 - x24422
Bm - x24432
A  - x02220

Intro: B9-D

Guitar 1: x6e|-222222-------B|-222222-------G|-444444-------D|-444444--00---A|-222222--00---D|---------00---
Guitar 2: x4e|-----5-----5--B|-2/3---2/3----G|--------------D|--------------A|--------------D|--------------
Verse 1: E5 D5p D5 The traffic's backed for miles on these quiet suburban roads D5p while the rubber necking strangers are dying to see this victim's E5 D5p D5 wounds cause he’s all alone with his notebooks and poems B5 in this empty grave where he wrote all of his secrets that became his A5 E5 G5 lyrics with no intent to show anyone Chorus: B9 D5 B9 D5 and we give and we give G5 D5 but its all for nothing G5 D5 its all for nothing B9 D5 B9 D5 we try to resist but I give G5 D5 G5 D5 everything and its all for nothing Verse 2: E5 D5 so the panic sets and cycles his mind for restless sleep E5 while the blood sucking leeches contaminate every line they read D5 just leave him alone in this dark room this white sheet tightly wrapped B5 A5 E5 G5 cocoon cause its no secret I fucking need this Like I don’t need anyone (Repeat Chorus twice) Bridge: Part 1: D5 It's like I’m falling asleep with my eyes open G5 shutting down and off the lights E5 cause after all of this it’s all or nothing D5 G5 D5 still I wouldn’t try to fight Repeat Bridge: Part 1 while singing this line with another vocalist and you'll lie to all your friends about sights you never saw and you'll preach to all the press about what you don't know at all at all Interlude: D5-G5 (x2) 1 strum each power chord
Part 2: Another vocalist singing while plucking the guitar 2 D5 (x4) G5 (x4) e|-----------------|-----------------B|-----------------|-----------------G|---------7-------|---------7-------D|---7---7---7---7-|---7---7---7---7-A|-----------------|-----------------D|-0---0-------0---|-5---5-------5---
D5 So let me drown so I can breathe again I’m through choking and G5 suffocating on alter egos and alterior motives which weigh you down and D5 take control of the way you are and the things that you need the life G5 you live and the dreams that you dream distort and blur all in slow D5 motion they broke you down and now you're broken and it’s sadder than G5 the saddest movie I ever saw but without the beauty so I stopped watching, I stopped caring I lost all interest and I stopped wearing D5 these plastic smiles I’ll wash my hands clean I'll forget that you G5 forgot about me and I’ll live the life, the big city feeling D5 cause it’s better than suburban dreaming Living off the friends that G5 hate you who talk shit on me like I don't know who my real friends are D5 anymore no I don’t know you anymore and it’s sadder than the saddest G5 movie I ever saw but without the beauty so I'll stopped watching, I'll stopped caring (First vocalist singing in background) spill the ink and spill your guts again spill the ink and spill your guts again!!! (Repeat Bridge Part 1)
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