Hidden In Plain View - Bendy tab

Hidden In Plain View
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
F -  133211
G -  320033
C -  x32010
Am - x02210
Em - 022000

Intro: b means bend

Guitar 2:e|--------------------------|---------------------|B|--------------------------|---------------------|G|--------------------------|---------------------|D|---2b-----------2b--------|---2b--------5--5--5-|A|-------3--2--3------3-2---|-------3--2--5--5--5-|E|-1----------------------3-|-1-----------3--3--3-|
Guitar 1: F-G (x3) Am-G Verse 1: F Sending out to the boy in the front row G Singing his heart out I've been there before F elbow to elbow but lost in the crowd G He screams He dreams and goes down F They steal every word Straight from your mouth G Dare you to breath Dare you to drown F It's over G Just wake me when it's over I will thank you C(hold) For hanging around This town Chorus 1: C It's a long way back F Home from here Just tell me what you want C 'Cause I'm over and out But I'm not done F Overreacting Cause I'm not acting (do intro riff) like I'm somebody else F 'Cause that's not me Oh no (Repeat Intro) Verse 2: F Take it back to 3 long years ago G To a little town in north Jersey F I was a teenager back then G Dreaming of a big dream To make it? F G Put your hands on my heart Come on put your faith in me F Lay your life on G the line and just believe (Repeat Chorus 1 except last 3 lines) Am like I'm somebody else Bridge: C F This is my inspiration Em Am That I will never meet C G Am Your expectations coming down on me C F Still I'm not giving in, no Em Am It's getting hard to breathe C G Under the pressure I'm living F C(hold) I'm ready To be Me F Not turning back around (Around, around) C You only get 1 shot 1 small chance to make it Hold the wind, and you sails to take it F All right to get to turn back the time C Hold on tight We'll make it now F We'll make it now Chorus 2: C It's a long way back F Home from here Just tell me what you want Am(fast bass lines) 'Cause I'm over and out Em But I'm not done C(hold) Overreacting
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