Hiding With Girls – The Stars Cascade tab

The Stars Cascade(Acoustic) - Hiding With Girls
Tabbed by: MikeyBoy
Email: Accidentalreality@hotmail.com

Tuning:Standard (normal tuning)capo on 5th

What a great song from HWG. The actual version sounds good, but it sounds
really good acoustic.

This is how i think it should go.
No down tuning.

Chords Used

C x32010     CaddG x32013    Am x02210   Am7 x02213
throughout the song you can either play CaddG or Am7,i use Am7  

Intro. Ce|----0----3-----|B|----1----1-----|G|----0----2-----|D|----2----2-----| let Ring C CaddG(or Am7) alternate between the twoA|----3----0-----| strum up and downE|---------------|
Ge|-----------3---|B|-----------0---|G|-----------0---|D|-----------0---| A|---2h3p2---2---| E|---0--------3--|
There's Plucking here which goes on through the verses it goes something like this.
e|------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------------------|G|----------0--------------0-------------0-----------0----------0---|D|-----555---5--------555---5-------555---5-------5---5-------5-----| A|------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--5--------------3-------------1-----------3----------2-----------|In this life my chosen heart, reaching out to you tonight...Blessed with sense of what they mean I never speak againAnd the sad fact is you noticedThat I never call, never write you and I never speak at all
C Am7 C Am7 Come clean, cave in, C Am7 C Am7 drive into the stars, a sky that I can see And I'll be down with you if you'll just cascade again In the passing of this heart, falling down with you tonight... Kissed the dream of who you are, we cannot meet again, Cause it's bad timing for all that you'll be, Cause I'll never call, never write you and I'll never speak at all Come clean, cave in, dream what we could be, Then see what we achieve And I'll be down with you if you'll just cascade again And I'll be down with you I'll be down I'll stay strong I'll fall for you And I'll be down with you I'll be down I'll say this once Just cascade again, all this time Just cascade again, all the way C Am7 (outro)
e|----3---------|B|----1---------|G|----2---------|D|----2---------| let ringA|----0---------|E|----x---------|
I did this much and was still working on it because its not exact, but then my cheapy Capo broke!so i couldnt finish it!i'm gonna buy a new one when i get some money £! | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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