High On Fire - To Cross The Bridge tab

This is my favorite High On Fire song and I haven't seen a tab for this song
ANYWHERE on the internet, so I decided to contribute to the world and tab this
out by ear. I'm almost certain the beginning riff is correct, though I can't be
sure because he's using two guitar tracks and it's a bit confusing at times.

Tuning: Standard C, tune every string 4 steps down from standard (C, F, A#, D#,
G, C)

I will tab this out in the order the song does it, to minimize confusion, but I
will also number certain riffs so I don't have to re-write every riff out

(listen to the song to get the rhythm, in the beginning it's all 8th notes)

Intro Riff (riff 1):c |--------------------------------|G |--------------------------------|D#|--3-2--2---2h3p0----------------|(x4)A#|--------2-------2---------------|F |-0---0---0-------5p3p0-3-5-1-3--|C |--------------------------------|on the third time of repeating that riff, he sort of trills/hammers on pulls offon the 3-5-1-3 parts, like such: 3h5p3-1h3p1
after 4 times of that riff, this happens
c |------------------------------------------|G |------------------------------------------|D#|------------------------------------------|A#|-5~~~~-8~~~~~-----------------------------|F |-5~~~~-8~~~~~(start intro riff again here)|C |-3~~~~-6~~~~~-----------------------------|
intro riff x2, then
c |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|D#|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A#|-5~~~~-8-----------------------------------------------------------------|F |-5~~~~-8-then intro riff, don't hold the F#chord as long as the last time|C |-3~~~~-6-----------------------------------------------------------------|
intro riff x 2, then again
c |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|D#|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A#|-5~~~~-8-----------------------------------------------------------------|F |-5~~~~-8-then intro riff, don't hold the F#chord as long-----------------|C |-3~~~~-6-----------------------------------------------------------------|
intro riff x 2, then
c |----------------------------|G |----------------------------|D#|----------------------------|A#|-5-5-5-5-5-8----------------|F |-5-5-5-5-5-8-(intro riff...)|C |-3-3-3-3-3-6----------------|
intro riff x 1, then
c |----------------------------|G |----------------------------|D#|----------------------------|A#|-5-5-5-5-5-8----------------|F |-5-5-5-5-5-8----------------|C |-3-3-3-3-3-6----------------|
intro riff x1. then again
c |----------------------------|G |----------------------------|D#|----------------------------|A#|-5-5-5-5-5-8----------------|F |-5-5-5-5-5-8-(intro riff...)|C |-3-3-3-3-3-6----------------|
after this one, a separate guitar goes like this while the intro riff plays again:
c |-----------------------------|G |-----------------------------|D#|-----------------------------|A#|-11^^^very slowly bend^^^(14)|F |-----------------------------|C |-----------------------------|
intro riff x 4
c |---------------|G |---------------|D#|---------------|A#|-5~~~8~~~5-8-5-|F |-5~~~8~~~5-8-5-|C |-3~~~6~~~3-6-3-|
leads directly into...verse riff (riff 2)(listen to the song for the strumming pattern of this part)c |-----------------------------------------------------|G |-----------------------------------------------------|D#|-----------------------------------------------------|A#|-----------------------------------------------------|(x2)F |-77775-777777-77775-777777-88885-888888-88885-888888-|C |-55555-555555-55555-555555-55555-555555-55555-555555-|
riff 3c |--------------------|G |--------------------|D#|--------------------|A#|-3-5-7-8-5-7-8-10-5-|F |-3-5-7-8-5-7-8-10-5-|C |-1-3-5-6-3-5-6-8--3-|
riff 2 x2 riff 3 x1 riff 2 x2 riff 3 x1
then riff 4c |------------------------------------------------------|G |------------------------------------------------------|D#|---------------------------555555-5555-7-xxxxxx-7-6-3-|A#|---------------------------555555-5555-7-xxxxxx-7-6-3-|F |-77775-777777-77775-777777-333333-3333-5-xxxxxx-5-4-1-|C |-55555-555555-55555-555555----------------------------|
a lot of distortion and confusion at the end of that bit, can't tell if he'sstaying on the same chord but you can just strum away or mute strum, it doesn'tmatter if you listen to the context of the song(still part of riff 4)c |-----------------------------|G |-----------------------------|D#|--------------3-xxxxxx-7-6-3-|A#|-?????-??????-3-xxxxxx-7-6-3-|F |-?????-??????-1-xxxxxx-5-4-1-|C |-33333-333333----------------|at that ???? part, he plays some very dissonant chord that I can't figure out,though I think the bass note is the 3rd fret on the C string
riff 2 x2 riff 3 x1 riff 2 x2 riff 3 x1 riff 4 x1 riff 5:
c |-------------------------|G |-------------------------|D#|-------------------------|A#|-------------------------|(x4)F |-777777-7777-7777-8-10-5-|C |-555555-5555-5555-6-8--3-|
riff 6:
c |-------------------------------------------------------------|G |-------------------------------------------------------------|D#|-9-xxxxxx-9-7-7-9-xxxxxx-9-5-5-9-xxxxxx-9-5-5-7-xxxxxx-7-5-5-|A#|-9-xxxxxx-9-7-7-9-xxxxxx-9-5-5-9-xxxxxx-9-5-5-7-xxxxxx-7-5-5-|(x1)F |-7-xxxxxx-7-5-5-7-xxxxxx-7-3-3-7-xxxxxx-7-3-3-5-xxxxxx-5-3-3-|C |-------------------------------------------------------------|
riff 2 x2 riff 3 x1 riff 2 x2 riff 3 x1 riff 4 x1 riff 5 x4 riff 6 x2 riff 5 x4 riff 7:
c |----------------------------------|G |----------------------------------|D#|----7~~6~~3~~-----------9~~-------|A#|-0~~7~~6~~3~~-7~~-5-7-5-9~~-5-8-5-|(x4)F |-0~~5~~4~~1~~-7~~-5-7-5-7~~-5-8-5-|C |-0~~----------5~~-3-5-3-----3-6-3-|
on the second time around, the open strum chord at the beginning is replaced with an F# chord (5th fret), and stays like that for the rest of the times it's repeated. (also, I can't tell if it's another guitar doing it over or just the man guitar doing in in place of the chord, but when the high C chord on the 7th fret is being played there is also a guitar sliding up to the 9th fret D# string and adding slight vibrato.) now comes the SOLO, which I am not going to tab out because I have almost NO IDEA what he is doing, he makes it very confusing with the double guitar tracking and it gives me a headache to try to figure it out. I will tell you that it starts off on a slightly bent 12th fret on the D# string. If you want you can just improvise and do a shitload of hammer ons. after the solo, repeat this three times:
c |-----------------------------------|G |-----------------------------------|D#|-9-999999-9-999999-9-999999-9-10-7-|A#|-9-999999-9-999999-9-999999-9-10-7-|F |-7-777777-7-777777-7-777777-7-8--5-|C |-----------------------------------| mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmthen
c |-------------------------------------|G |-------------------------------------|D#|-9-999999-9-999999-9-999999-13-12-10-|A#|-9-999999-9-999999-9-999999-13-12-10-|F |-7-777777-7-777777-7-777777-11-10-8--|C |-------------------------------------| mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm
c |----------------------------------------|G |----------------------------------------|D#|-9-999999-9-999999-9-999999-9-7-5-------|A#|-9-999999-9-999999-9-999999-9-7-5-8-7-5-|F |-7-777777-7-777777-7-777777-7-5-3-8-7-5-|C |----------------------------------6-5-3-| mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm
riff 5 x4 riff 6 x1 riff 2 x2 riff 3 x1 riff 2 x2 riff 3 x1 and that's the end! questions or comments, send to ivostoop96@gmail.com
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