High School Musical – Start Of Something New chords ver. 2

Intro: C F


CLiving in my own world
FDidn't understand
CThat anything can happen
FWhen you take a chance
DI never believed in
GWhat I couldn't see
DI never opened my heart (oh)
GTo all the possibilities (oh)
BbI know,
CThat something has changed
BbNever felt this way
CAnd right here tonight
Bb DThis could be the start
GOf something new
DIt feels so right
G ATo be here with you (oh)
Bm DAnd now looking in your eyes
G AI feel in my heart
CThe start of something new
COh, yeah,
FNow who'd of ever thought that
CWe'd both be here tonight (oh)
F Yeah, and the world looks so much brighter (brighter, brighter)
COh, with you by my side
**Repeat Refrain & Chorus** Bridge:
C GI never knew that it could happen
Bm ATill it happened to me (whoaaaooh yeah)
C GI didn't know it before
Bm -- C -- DBut now it's easy to see (Ohh)
Final Chorus (2x):
E AIt's the start of something new
EIt feels so right
A BTo be here with you (oh)
C#m EAnd now looking in your eyes
A BI feel in my heart
CREDITS to davetherave1618 for figuring this out! I wanted to share the chords on this site as well! ^^ watch him play this song @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DR7cBo0d1o Have fun!
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