Highwaymen - If He Came Back Again chords


(Waylon Jennings:)
DYou'd have thought a king had died
DThe way those people cried
G DInstead of one more broken entertainer
(Kris Kristofferson:) It struck those in his trade He could have had it made If he'd only been a little saner (Waylon Jennings:)
AThey traveled far to see him
(Kris Kristofferson:)
D GOh, the humble and the high
(Waylon Jennings:)
D Bm F#mThey said goodbye as if he were a friend
Chorus: (All:)
ANow somewhere he is smiling
D GOn those who idolized him
D Bm F#mBut would they even recognize him
A DIf he came back again?
(Willie Nelson:) He was born of modest means But had outrageous dreams They never let him rest Till he fulfilled them (Johnny Cash:) While he rode that train of song His devils tagged along The whiskey and the pills Just couldn't kill him (Willie Nelson:) He didn't mean to be a rebel (Johnny Cash:) Ah, the real ones never do (Willie Nelson:) They're born apart from ordinary men Chorus... (Waylon Jennings:)
AIt's an old familiar story
(Kris Kristofferson:)
D GBut it's a damn shame none-the-less
(Willie Nelson:)
DThey don't forgive his kind
(Johnny Cash:)
D ATill they lay them down to rest
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