Highwaymen - Welfare Line chords

	               Welfare Line - Highwaymen

Tabbed by: Dave S. 
Email: prime-prine@hotmail.com

Tuning: Standard

Artist: The Highwaymen
Album: Highwayman
Year: 1985

DWell, now boys, I've been to Bethlehem.
GRode there on a big steam train.
DLost two fingers in the steel mills.
A DAnd I ain't goin' back again.
DI fought for my country,
GLord knows, I did my best.
DCrawlin' 'cross some foreign field,
A D They pinned a ribbon to my chest.
GSo, pass around the bottle, boys,
DLet's talk about old times.
DNight's rollin' in, it's cold as sin,
A DHere on the welfare line.
DServed on the Georgia Road Gang.
GCouldn't pay the debts I owed.
D'Cause I'm ain't made of silver,
A DAnd I ain't never seen no gold.
D I still remember Rachael,
GSoft as a velvet gown.
DThey layed her in the pauper's grave,
A DOn the other side of town.
(Repeat Chorus) Break: D G D A D
DNow some folks are born to money,
GYou know I wish them well.
DIf the devil should ever want my soul,
A D I swear I'd never sell.
(Repeat Chorus 2x)
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