Hilary Duff – Wake Up tab

Ok, so maybe this song is one of my guilty pleasures, but c'mon it's a great melodic
song! I like songs with catchy vocals, im a sucker for that. Anyways, it seems like a
pretty straight-forward song. The other tab for this song was in the right key, but it
was a lower E. The higher powerchord E sounds much better. Anyways, I've decided to add
the lyrics (from AZlyrics.com) and just show where the chords are.  

Wake Up by Hilary Duff

Standard Tuning

Key of E

Chords Used:
E B A C#me|---------------------b|---------------------d|--9--------------6---D|--9----9----7----6---A|--7----9----7----4---E|-------7----5--------
E There's people talking They talk about me They know my name They think they know everything C#m B But they don't know anything E About me E Give me a dance floor Give me a dj Play me a record Forget what they say C#m Cause I need to go B E Need to get away tonight (Pre-Chorus) {palm mute or pick the strings to make it sound cooler} E B I put my makeup on a saturday night A I try to make it happen Try to make it all right E I know I make mistakes B I'm living life day to day A It's never really easy but it's ok (Chorus) E Wake Up Wake Up A On a saturday night C#m Could be New York B Maybe Hollywood and Vine E A London, Paris maybe Tokyo C#m B There's something going on anywhere I go A Tonight Tonight E Yeah, tonight E The cities restless It's all around me People in motion Sick of all the same routines C#m And they need to go B They need to get away E Tonight (Pre-Chorus) (Chorus) (Bridge) C#m People all around you A Everywhere that you go E People all around you B(?) They don't really know you C#m A Everybody watching like it's some kind of show E Everybody's watching B A They don't really know you now (They don't really know you) (They don't really know you) B And forever E Wake Up Wake Up (Wake Up Wake Up) Wake Up Wake Up (Wake Up Wake Up) (chorus)
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