Hilary Duff - Whos That Girl chords version 2

Who’s That Girl by Hilary Duff
Gm F Eb FThere were places we would go at midnight
There were secrets that nobody else would know There's a reason but I don't know why
FI don't know why
EbI don't know why
AbI thought they all belonged to me
GmWho's that girl?
EbWhere's she from?
Bb FNo she can't be the one
That you want That has stolen my world It's not real, it's not right It's my day, it's my night
GmBy the way
FWho's that girl living my life?
Oh no, living my life Seems like everything's the same around me Then I look again and everything has changed I'm not dreaming so I don't know why I don't know why I don't know why She's everywhere I wanna be Chorus
EbI'm the one who made you laugh
Who made you feel
DmAnd made you sad
GmI'm not sorry
For what we did For who we were
AbI'm not sorry
I'm not her Chorus
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