Hilary Duff - Where Do I Go Right tab

hey no one has put the chords to this song yet so i did it. tabed bye EC

standard tunning

ntro : ---3-2-------3-2---3-------------------- -------3-1-------3---------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
Em I'm always too late D I see the train leaving Cmaj7 I'm always laughing D When it's not cool to smile Em I'm always aiming D But somehow keep missing Cmaj7 So how did you get there D Something is wrong Chorus G Where did I go right D How did I get you C G C How come all this blue sky is around me and you found me D G Where did I go right Em How did I get you C G C I don't know how I did Em But somehow now I do Em I'm always driving D Forget where I'm going Cmaj7 Should have turned left but I D Was singing some song and I Em I am arriving D As everyone's leaving Cmaj7 But there you are waiting D Something is wrong Chorus Em D Makes no sense to me C No it isn't clear G C But somehow you're standing here Em D Something gets to me C D It's that nothing is wrong Chorus x 2
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