Hilera – So Be It tab

Title        :	So Be It
Artist       :	Hilera
Album        :  Nut House

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Tuning: Standard

  D                        Bm
No don't know have to think anymore

      G                     Bbm
Coz Everytime I do and thinking about you

      D                 Bm
If wrong to say the words in my head

        G                      Bbm
Then I'm guilty and won't have be

       D                A
I can help it, when I'm not with you

      G                       A 
Why should I care for take think of me

   D                  A
I'm stupid fool then so be it
Rather be like this, to be like them

(Do CP: D-Bm-G-Bbm)
If  I can burn the books and throw it away
Wait a second I'll be gone my way
And I will have to wait another day
And my head will be peieces on go away

(DO Chorus Chords)
I can help it my heart stronger than my head
It's you not me, That's how it gonna be and
time will be the thing to me
Will be stupid a fool, no past no future
Rather be like this, to be like it

Repeat Chorus


/   RoCk En RoLL   \
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