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Title:   Flying South
Artist:  Benny Hill
Chords:  F, C, G7, C7

This song can be found on the CD "The World of Benny Hill - Benny Hill
Sings?" which includes 25 of his comedy classics.  It also appeared on
an old vinyl recording, "The Golden Hour of Benny Hill."

[F]I'm flying south for the [C]summer, [G7]I'm gonna follow the [C]sun,
[F]I'm flying south for the [C]summer now the [G7]mating season's be[C]gun.

In [C]San Tropez I met Selina, now her figure was not very [G7]nice,
She was so thin the cats had her out on the landing [C]twice.
When she went down to the beach there, everyone [C7]stared at [F]her,
And when she wore her topless [C]bathing suit, [G7]people kept calling her
   '[C]sir'.  Oh,


In [C]Lisbon I first kissed Maria, it was late on a September [G7]night,
She was a vision of loveliness in the early morning [C]light.
I said, "Tell me, where have you been all my life, my Venus [C7]of the
She smiled and said, "Well, for the [C]first twenty years I [G7]wasn't even
   [C]born."  Oh,


Big [C]Annie from Brighton once ordered a steak weighing nine and a quarter
The butcher, he said, "Will you take it, ma'am, or shall I send it
She said, "No, I just wanna look at it 'cause I've been dieting [C7]like a
And that's what I've lost and I [C]just wanna see what it [G7]looks like in
   one [C]lump."  Oh,


Oh, [C]one day I saw in Gerona on a river so quiet and re[G7]mote,
Eight lovely girls from the college, they were all in the same [C]boat.
And as they rode in unison by me, I gallantly [C7]waved my [F]hat,
And I said with a sigh, "I [C]wish that I could [G7]stroke a crew just like
   [C]that."  Oh,


With [C]Rita I stood in a tube train, we were hanging on tight by the
When she let her pretty white hanky fall on a sleeping old gentleman's
Now, when he awoke from his slumber he saw everyone [C7]staring at [F]him,
And thinking it was his [C]shirt tail he [G7]slyly tucked it [C]in.


This is one in a series of Benny Hill songs I've learned by ear.  Most of
these songs have only three chords which makes it easy figure them out.  I
might have missed some chords or put the wrong ones down, but the basic
structure is there at any rate.  I welcome any comments, corrections or
suggestions for improvement.

 Transcribed by Hoser
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