Hillsong Live – We Have A Savior chords ver. 2

Song: We Have A Saviour
Type: Chords and Lyrics
Artist: Hillsong 
Album: We Have A Savior

Original Key: F#

Intro: G - Cmaj7 - G - Cmaj7

Verse 1:
GA child has been given,
EmThe King of our freedom
D CSing for the light has come
GThis is Christmas
Verse 2: Come and adore Him And bring gifts before Him Joy to the world Worship the Son This is Christmas Chorus:
G EmThis is Jesus, Emmanuel here with us
Tell all the world
C/GWe have a Saviour
We have a Savior
G We are no longer lost
Em'Cause He has come down for us
C/GWe have a Saviour
- G - Cmaj7We have a Savior
Verse 3: Sing with angels And lift up your voices Join in the song of hope This is Christmas Bridge:
C Em D G/BHis love will reign forever
C Em D G/BHis love will reign forever
C Em D GHis love will reign forever
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