Hillsong London - Lord Of All tab

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Someone requested for the chords for Lord of All (Hillsong London) a few days back.
a few minutes of googling I realised that the chords for Lord of All cannot be found
on the net, surprisingly. Here are the full chords + tabs for the song, the only one 
on the net - whoa!

Do leave a comment/tag if you have any trouble. No video for this post because i) it
too difficult, ii) my computer just crashed :( (using a computer in school right now).

i) Guitar Introduction (with delay):--------------------|-----------------8--|---10-8-----10-8----|--------------------|-8--------8---------|--------------------|
ii) Bass solo (tabs for bass):-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|---------1-3-----| x(3)-----1-3-----1-3-|-1-1-------------|
Repeat(x4) iii) Introduction II (ohhh…): Fm Ab Db Bb (x2) iv) Verse (shout praises to the Holy One…) (See below for tabs) Fm Ab Db Bb (x2) Ab Ab Bb Bb v) Chorus Db Ab Eb Fm Db Eb Ab Ab Db Ab Eb Fm Bb Bb Db Db
Bass tabs for last line:-----------------|-----------------|-----1-3---------|-------------1-3-|(x2)-1-1-----1-1-----|-----------------|
vi) Introduction II (x1) vii) Verse (first line once only) viii) Chorus ix) Bridge: See below for tabs & video
x) Post-Bridge (shine your light, be that sea of light)--------------------------------|--------------------------------|--------8----------------10-----|-8-8s10---10-6----8-8s10--------| (x2)--------------------------------|--------------------------------|Ab Bb
xi) Chorus (x2) Instrumental
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