Hillsong London - For All You Are chords version 2

Intro: Bb Eb G# Fm Bb Eb G#(2x)

EbRenewed My Heart
CmRestored this soul
EbWith Grace unending
G#Your Love
Eb Ever before me
CmBrought life
Ebto these eyes
G#That I may see You
Eb For all You are
CmMy Heart will sing
Eb For all You’ve done
G#I will thank You
Eb For all You are
Cm EbMy Heart will sing to You
Cm G#All Praise To Your Name
Eb The Saviour of all
CmLife to me
EbI stand forgiven
G#In Your Arms
Eb I walk in Your Presence
CmI rest assured
Ebin You
G#In You Lord
Bb Cm G#Where would I be without You
Bb Cm G# For Your Favour lasts a lifetime
Bb CmLove covered all my shame, Made new
G# Eb Bb Cm G#Called my name, I will praise You
(Chorus 2x) Eb Cm G#(End loop: All Praise To Your Name )
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