Hillsong London - God Our Salvation chords version 2

Intro: F#m A D E (4x)

F#m AGod of Wonder, God in Us,
D AHigh and Lifted up,
F#m ACalling us into Your Love
D F#mCarried through Your Son
E-F#mWe give You praise
D AIn the light of all You are
E-F#mWe give You praise
D A E Here now and forever
F#mYou are God the Same
A E Faithful and True
D F#m AOur voices rise to bring You praise
EThe King of Heaven
D F#m AWith hearts and lives as one we cry
EGod Our Salvation
(Intro 2x)
F#m AEveryday we see Your Light
D AEveryday I know
F#m AThere's a path that leads to Life
D F#mGuiding into Hope
E-F#mWe give You praise
D AIn the Glory of Your Name
E-F#mWe give You praise
(Chorus, Instr: D F#m A E, Chorus 2x)
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